Flutes of the World Concert
"Flutes of the World” with Tereasa Payne is an engaging and enlightening program which captivated the audience and musicians alike. Over the course of an hour Tereasa expertly guided us through different cultures by introducing fascinating variations of the flute. By displaying the prominent and often sacred role of music in societies around the world, many of us left the concert with a better sense of the common threads which tie us together as humans."
-Matthew Kraemer, Conductor
Aurora News Register
What captivated me and all who attended Sunday's "Tour of World Flutes with Tereasa Payne" was not only this young lady’s musical talent, which is extraordinary, but her knowledge of the flute’s role and impact in various cultures all over the globe. Sunday’s performance was a combination history lesson and flutes concert, all delivered with a poise and confidence that made you realize Tereasa Payne can and does captivate her audience, whether it is filled with kindergarten students, college professors, or music fans on Broadway. Talk about the power of music.
-Kurt Johnson, Editor - Aurora News Register
Marianne Gedigian
Tereasa is the rare combination of a fierce musician and a beautiful personality. Her playing is filled with heartfelt emotion and technical grace. I am continually astounded by her devotion to mastering World Flutes, as well as the Western Flute.
Marianne Gedigian, Flutist
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra was pleased to present the orchestral debut of Tereasa Payne’s “Flutes of the World” concert. The wide array of the many instruments from around the world along with the various authentic ethnic musical connections and your explanations engaged the audience throughout the program. Her post-concert opportunity for audience members to see all of the flutes up close further interested the audience. The concert was enlightening not only for the children but for the adults as well. It was fascinating and educational all at the same time.
– Richard Decker, Vice President of Artistic Administration, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra”
Sal Lozano
The first time I heard Tereasa, her flute sound and command were wonderful. Then, she picks up the saxophone and clarinet and sounds great on those instruments as well!
Sal Lozano: LA Studio Woodwinds Musician
Jim Walker
Terease Payne is one of the bright new woodwind stars on the planet. She is helping to redefine the stereotype of just what is a woodwind doubler.
Jim Walker, Flutist
Ali Ryerson
Tereasa's adventurous spirit is simply captivating! Switching between musical genres and instruments with amazing ease, her rich, velvety tone, rhythmic intensity and masterful technique are a winning combination!
Ali Ryerson, Flutist
Johnny Mathis Orchestra
Tereasa has performed with the Johnny Mathis orchestra as 1st woodwind for the last several years, lending her beautiful sound and superb musicianship to a show that requires both. As featured flute soloist, as well as lead alto saxophone, Tereasa has proven herself to be in the upper echelon of woodwind artists in the entire country.
Scott Lavender, Music Director for Johnny Mathis
Tereasa is a genuine artist who makes the flute and ethnic flutes sing. She played the book every show with consistency, beautiful musicality, and an amazing energy.
Dominick Amendum, Music Supervisor for "Wicked"
National Broadway Tour Conductor
It is always a privilege to have Tereasa in the orchestra. She masterfully combines precise articulation with beautiful musicianship. Her bright personality clearly reflects in her playing, making her a fantastic member of any ensemble.
Joey Chancey-Conductor "La Cage Aux Folles" & "A Chorus Line"
Featured Artist-Florida Flute Convention
“When you played the alto flute solo, you completely became one with the alto.”
Linda True, Co-owner of Falls House Press
"A Tour of World Flutes"
This is fantastic… well-presented and extremely accomplished performances.
Andy Findon, Flutist/Ethnic Flutist/Woodwinds
Steve Kujala
An accomplished flutist, adept on the ethnics, and has the ability to “let loose” as evidenced by her spot-on imitation of Ian Anderson on “Bouree.”
Steve Kujala - "Tutti Flutti"
Sound Innovations Materclass DVD
Her teaching skills combined with her love for the flute shine through in every minute of the video. She was able to teach numerous elements of beginning and intermediate flute performance in such a logical and engaging way that any student who views her presentations will be a better musician, and any teacher who watches the video will be a better teacher. Not every flute student will be fortunate enough to get to study with Tereasa privately, but now countless flute players everywhere will be able to get to know her and learn by taking "virtual" private lessons with her outstanding video master classes.

Robert Sheldon, Alfred Music Publishing Co, Inc.
Guest Lecture-Recital
Tereasa amazed the audience with her huge collection of world flutes and her ability to play each with remarkable ease. Tereasa is one of the most skilled musicians I have worked with in my tenure as an arts administrator and education, demonstrating incredible skill both on traditional woodwind instruments and instruments of other countries. Tereasa is an articulate and energetic public speaker with a genuine passion for music. The passion comes through both when she speaks and plays. Audiences will never be disappointed!
Sarah Satterfield, College of Central Florida
Guest Artist-Grace University
Tereasa is a virtuoso flutist, able to handle extraordinary technical demands. She has incredible versatility, the ability to play multiple instruments at a high degree of skill. As a guest artist, she performed beautifully with our band, and presented clinics and master classes that were well-received and helpful to all who attended. She made the day and the concert fun for us all. She is a sweet person who is more pleasant and humble than other artists of her high caliber. We’ll definitely ask her back.
Jeff James, Director of Bands-Grace University
Featured Artist-Florida Flute Convention
Her buoyant personality captivates and enhances her brilliant musicianship.
Irene Pruzan: Program Chair, Florida Flute Association
Florida Contractor
I can confidently say; in every musical situation which I have had the honor to perform with Tereasa or in which I have hired her, she is totally dedicated to bringing the music to life as the composer would have it performed.
Tereasa's abilities as a flutist and a woodwind doubler, are widely known throughout the Southeastern US and nationally as well. In the various musical settings which I have utilized her talents, she is often requested by the conductor months before the concert.
Craig Turley, Florida Music Contractor
Tuacahn Center for the Arts
Tereasa is a first class flutist who is also an accomplished woodwind doubler, a tremendous asset in any musical theater orchestra. Her professionalism and positive energy make her an absolute joy to work with.
Camille Villalpando Rolla, Music Director "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "Grease," and "Hairspray"


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